The 36th Workshop on Telecommunications VITEL is postponed to 17th to 18th of May 2021 at Brdo Congress Centre, Brdo pri Kranju. The main topic of the event is The Role of 5G Technologies in Verticals, and the Role of Verticals in 5G Networks.

The previous generations of mobile technologies were, in the first place, used for personal communication in the form of voice telephony, data transfer and internet access. On the other hand, 5G technologies will in the same way be used for industrial communication which will enable digitalisation of the economy, and thus contribute to global digital transformation. It is expected that the first users of the new technology will be in the area of transportation, media and industry followed by medicine, energetics and others.

Europe is in search of technological solutions and applicable examples of industrial use which will, over the following years, be implemented in 5G networks in the form of research projects such as Horizont 2020 and other private-public-partnership projects. Equipment suppliers are already promoting their solutions. In the following years, mobile operators in Slovenia will build and steadily develop independent 5G networks with adequate coverage and guaranteed rapid response.

A number of questions have arisen:

– Will the 5G networks of mobile operators be indeed able to meet the expectations of verticals regarding technological needs as well as security, reliability and availability?

– Have verticals in Slovenia already identified their expectations regarding future technologies which will enable their digital transformation?

– The technological solutions of verticals in the future will not use only simple mobile network connectivity, but they will become a complex ecosystem of connectivity, IoT, cloud services and information technology. Will the solutions be provided by mobile operators? Will they be provided by verticals or by third parties?

– What kind of partnerships will evolve?

– What will be the requirements regarding cyber security and how will it be ensured?

– How will technological solutions contribute to advanced solutions in the area of public safety and protection?

The key question is, however, if state institutions, which prepare strategic directions and the development strategy at state level, understand the future complexity of the emerging ecosystem. Electronic communications are no longer the exclusive domain of one sector, but they are increasingly embedded in all sectors from the economy, health, energetics, and transportation to public security and, of course, public administration. How does this intertwining affect cooperation between government bodies?

This year’s Vitel event will bring together researchers, industries, mobile operators and decision makers at state level in one place. Together we will look for answers to crucial questions which need to be answered if we, here in Slovenia, would like to keep up with developed Europe and the world, and last but not least, if we want, by means of 5G technologies, to implement Slovenia’s development strategy 2030 in a sustainable manner.


Registration fee for the Workshop on telecommunications VITEL is 380 € (VAT not included).

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